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DAMED is the bi-annual creative art publication of avant-garde provocateur and professional artist, Mad Dame.

Mad Dame is an award winning Fine Arts photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. As Creative Director and Editor, she created DAMED in dedication to supporting and inspiring a culture of collaborative artistic expression. DAMED was first independently published in April 2013 as a medium to showcase Mad Dame’s extensive and most current photographic art. It has since evolved into a platform that embraces a range of artists and their mediums, reimagining themes based on DAMED’s editorial concept.

“Getting DAMED is all about creating an outer skin from the inner essence,” Mad Dame explains.

The work found in DAMED comprises creative photography design which celebrates and explores challenging notions of human affliction, feminine energy, identity and mortality. Ordinary individuals often find themselves baring flesh and soul for the lens, projecting natural states of being in imaginative form, experiencing themes from light to dark. DAMED features a selection of intense and often elaborate concept shoots.
Although many of the concepts are enhanced by detailed sets, theatrical make-up, custom props and couture clothing – the diversity of DAMED artwork may also be confronting, raw and stripped back. It may move through and beyond the light, converge with poetry or sculpture, become embodied by skin and bone or immortalised in digital ink.

From DAMED’s signature glitter look launched in Issue 1, to contributors who bravely explore aspects of human vulnerability in combined Issues 3 and 4, those who create in DAMED are liberated by the expressive process and the support given to explore ideas. Highly interpretive at times, DAMED moves easily from the topical and provocative, to visions that emphasise use of colour and texture as much as the emotional or psychological narrative.

The DAMED journey can take you anywhere.

If you would like to be a part of the DAMED experience, external submissions are welcome and based on an evolving theme.

Please check out the guidelines here.


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